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Itako's Chant

Shattered Souls Can Be Summoned...

Itako Anna-Chan
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  • Faust VIII Fan
Please, if you ever do beep me on any of my screen names tell me that you are from LiveJournal and if you wish you may tell me your screen-name here so I can add you as a friend.

About Me

Gender: Female
Birthday: September 20
Star Sign: Virgo
Hieght: 4 foot 11 inches
Wieght: in the 90s to the low 100s
Favorite Quote: "Ohhh, the drama of stupidity..."~Me (Note the sarcasim(sp?) there)

Likes: Faust VIII, Eliza Faust, Kyoyama Anna, Asakura Hao, anything else dealing with Shaman King, reading, walking, drawing, candy&sugar, watching T.V. while eating cookies, Kishu, Pai, Taruto, Hyuuga Neji and Hinata, Uchicha Itachi and Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, Horror books/movies.
Dislikes: To much crowded areas, people who don't understand when to leave you the heck alone, vegetables.

Songs I Like: Dragostea(O-Zone), Deutschland(Die Prinzen), Night Of Fire(Hamasaki Ayumi), Shaman King songs, Me Agianst The World(Simple Plan)...(list continues)

What I Want Most: Basically, all the Shaman King Volumes. *sweatdrops and rubs behide neck* Reh, I sound greedy.

Extra Information: Other than being a Pyromaniac, I am also a "Shaman King-Manaic" to my friends. Oh, and yeah, most of my friends call me Anna since I'm a fan of her and I act like her around them a lot. Well, I perfur to be called "Anna-san" since it shows a bit more respect to her. Yeah, I also act like Tamao all of a sudden, don't ask, because I don't know..

Things I Support:

I support Tamao

HoroHoro is Ainu love

Yoh is drugged love

(Credit goes to: garneticons )
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Faust VIII is Sleep-Deprived Love.

(Credit goes to: sarahakacelebi)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com {Mewmewgirlz: I'm stamped as Zakuro)