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I'm bored. I'm am still working on this one Art project we have to do. It's a travel poster and we were supposed to choose a country to go to. I was going to do Germany for Faust-sama but I chose Japan since I had pictures of things already.

Well, I had two test today to take. Science and History. I did well in both for not even studying. We were supposed to have it on Friday but we had a 2-hour delay. I'm shocked that those two test were so easy.

Reh, there is nothing to talk about. Family is being my family like always. Father is away working, Mother is studying with my sibling that I dare call my sister. My brother....*looks at him spinning around in circles than walks in a corner and stands there*....let us not talk about him. Well, I'm going, later.

~Itako Anna-Chan

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