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In Memory Of...

It's a cold night. Brr! Well, I watched Avatar: The Last Airbender at 11 o'clock at night. Than after that, since it is winter, I decided to make a Water Nation look. It will probally go until the end of my winter. Why did I do this? Well, it reminded me of the Water Nation. They live in the cold areas. South and North Pole (yeah, cold). So, yeah, that's my theme. Their spirits are the Moon and Water Spirit as you can tell.

Also: This is a memory of Princess Yue (sp?) from Avatar. I began to love/like her character. When, well, something happend that...well. I cannot say it so I shouldn't ruine it for the others who haven't watched it. But I did something for her...

~Itako Anna-Chan

Moon Dream

The snow falls
as its flakes dance -
I lean before my reflection
my reflection, graced by the Moon spirit.
In a never ending cycle
life always flows its course,
like the crystal water of ice.

I fear that my cycle
will come to an end.
I've been having these dreams -
of terrible destruction.
In this dream...
I give my life that
once was the Moon Spirit's.

Oh, how I feard that dream
its enternal darkness still haunts me
giving me shivers that creep up my spine.
However, today it seems
that all hope is lost.
Our spirit is said to be dead,
and I have come to my decision.
I will give my very life
it once gave me.

As to this,
I sprout my wings.
And fly to the moon
like I was destiend to do...

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In honor of Princess Yue. *bows* Good bye.

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