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Hao-sama's pants~!

Hao's Pants
Hao's Pants - Lucky you! You've got STYLE! And the
best pants on the list! That's why they have a
shrine! All of Hao's powers secretly derive
from these awesome pants. Don't believe that
Great Spirit of Fire crap. HIROYUKI LIES.

Which Shaman King character's pants should YOU wear?
brought to you by Quizilla

O___O Woah, hehehe. That's new. ^^; Cool.

Ahem, anyways, today in the morning, this one kid brought in a mask(looked like a skeleton/zombie thing). XD Hehe, well, he put it on and coverd himself with his black jacket. Why? Because! It blended in with the shadows!! ^^ He hid and when one of my seventh grade friends Amanda came onto the bus he reached out - missing her he laughed. She, thinking it was only him without the mask, turned - well he quickly threw his jacket off, only revealing the mask. She than screamed bloody murder. XD And everyone who wasn't on the bus yet jumped and looked.

The only thing that sucked was I was awake for my science class(DANG IT!). Aw, oh well. Later.

~Itako Anna-Chan

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