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Come along, and sit down lil children...

I will come and tell you a story. A story of a classic momment. No, this is not historical, but you shall like it. Sit down, relax, even pull out popcorn if you like.

Title: Camera
Written By: Itako Anna-Chan
Written: 2/21/06
Who was in it: Chelsea(friend),Amber(friend)
Summary: Just a little story of a friend who got a new camera...and learned some shockin' things.


One day in computer class, February 21st to be exact, two girls where having a chat. Now, being fourth period there wasn't much to talk about. So they just bounced back to random things. That is when the blonde perked up, smileing she chripped,

"Hey, I got a new camera!" she turned and grabbed her purse. Turning back around to her chair to face her friend.

"Really?" questioned the other girl as she stood,"Let me see, Chelsea."

Chelsea, being her typical self, gave the camera over. She smiled and beamed with joy as the other girl toyed a bit with the small didgetal camera before her eyes. Amber, the other girl of course, turned the camera on and spoke up,

"Let me take a picture of you." she chripped. Chelsea jumped and gave a grim freaked-out look,

"N-no!" she protested.


"Because! I-I haven't learned how to turn off the flash yet!" whinned the stressed Chelsea.

Amber gave a strange look than shock her head. While sighing she looked down at the corner of her friend's camera. She smirked and spoke up,"Uh, Chelsea, did it ever occur to you to press the flash button?"

For the second day in a row, Chelsea jumped."WHAT FLASH BOTTON!?" she yelped jumping out of her chair to see.

"Uh...the one righ there." Amber reported dryly as she pointed to the botton. Chelsea sat down with a feeling of embarrassment, but she laughed anyways out of joy.

Unknown to her though, Amber had taken a picture of her. When Chelsea got the camera back she glanced down and saw herself,

"HEY!" she screeched at herself in the camera. She glared, and yet laughed,"AMBER!"

The End!

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