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Read, listen, whatever! Just pay attention, got it!? Good. The story is begining but you must: REPEAT MUST click the 'Read More' link to read the WHOLE thing. No, I got this from someone who was THERE so I'm not spreading rumors. So do NOT say my friend made this up when everyone is like talking about it!

Anger Breakes Loose in Shenango High School
Today, roughly 7 something in the morning is when this event occurred. Students were quickly rushing into first period so they would not be late. A student, who is often called 'Ed' for short, arrived late at class.

Nicely, the teacher asked the student to get a pass from the office for being late. He left the room. He didn't come back until at least when the class was almost over. The teacher asked him where he was this whole time. The student responded a bit dully,"I was taking a crap."

Well, as the teacher was explaining that this was an insult to her. The student than quickly lost his nerves. He kicked the teacher's trash can, which was bent at impact, that flew and hit the window beside the door of the room. This caused the glass to crack, almost break. After this the boy stomped out of the room cursing at the top of his lungs. Stomping down the stairs than slamming the door (like he did to the one upstairs) and than walked outside.

He was reported to be outside for the longest time. Finally returned with his father during fourth period today. He returned with a McDonalds' cup since he went to there after he stormed out of the school buliding. Others said that our Assisstant Princpal chased him down.

So, there's what happened. I'm not much of a talker and don't often mention these things. However, this took the cake. I have to hear what you have to say about this. Enjoy. Later.

~Itako Anna-Chan

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