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Itako's · Chant

Shattered Souls Can Be Summoned...

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Oh sheesh, I found this for the heck of it. So, if you really want to know..below is where you'll go.

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Angels - Within Temptation
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Hiya people. Guess what, I learned how fun it is to get up at six in the morning on Sunday and ride for an hour to go to my grandparents' house. Eh, it's alright, but one thing that sucks: cousins are here. And not the cousins I like, ya know.

Anyway, I'm managing from killin' them by listening to my Shaman King songs. What? Can't I enjoy myself once and awhile? It's not all fun. Well, it won't be until my older cousins come. So we can get lost in the woods, litterally.

I'm thinking about making a Shaman King fanfiction of Yoh's and Anna's son, Hana, trying to give his parent's something for Mother's Day and Father's Day. But I'm still thinking if I really want to do that.

Well, I had a fun afternoon...I spet it alone in the house(besides the pets). I continued to play this one RPG on the PS2. It took my brother and sister months to get to where they were, and it only took me four days. Which is bad, because I didn't play as long in a day as they did and I was playing single player while they teamed up. Now I'm past them though...

Reh, that's all I got for now. So, um, later.

~Itako Anna-Chan
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Any song of Megumi Hayashibara
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